Broken and dead links are the nemesis of any website. It adversely impacts online credibility, lowers flow of traffic and reduces ability to retain existing customers or get new ones. Further, it increases bounce rates (customers leaving the site) as those looking for information on products and services do not get them seamlessly, being restricted by dead links. Most importantly, dead links affect SEO and rankings on results pages of major search engines resulting in poor online presence and visibility.

In the present digital business environment, it is therefore essential that businesses keep their websites in well maintained condition without the presence of any stale or broken links. However, business owners are often not aware of this issue and attribute falling traffic and sales to other extraneous factors.

This is where we at broken-line-checker.org can help you know how you can cleanse your website of broken links and make it function optimally again. Our blog site is devoted exclusively to this issue and our focus is on publishing all news, information and details related to broken links.

We understand that constant developments and advancements are taking place in the field of broken links elimination and it is our objective to bring them to the attention of our readers. This is why we invite bloggers to write blogs, articles and short interesting pieces on the subject that will immensely benefit visitors to our blog site.

It is not necessary that our contributors be an expert on this topic only. With the advent of free online tools, many business owners are periodically cleaning up their sites themselves. They too can write about their experiences on what methods they adopted and what areas should be especially given more attention to. We are sure that other business owners regardless of the industry they are in will be greatly helped in this regard.

Blogs and articles on any topic will be welcomed by us provided they are related to this specific niche of broken, dead or stale links.